Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Noro cap to match my scarf!

Every scarf needs a little hat and since I had one full skein of Noro Kureyon left after making the Lacy Diamonds scarf below, I tried the Rolled Edge Stocking Cap from Clickity Sticks. It worked up in just a few hours and will look good with the scarf. I used a 16" size 9 needle, then switched to DPNs when it got too small for the circular needles. Fortunately for my hands, that was just a few rows. Cute hat!!


Jane said...

You are amazing! Was this cap your cool-down knitting after all your other events? Your knitting is beautiful!

Mari said...

Thanks, Jane!

Yup, this little cap was the cool-down event! After all those shawls, my size 8 needles are smokin'!

Time to fire up the Hoover and clean this place up!

Joy said...

I made a hat like this out of Noro also. My husband says it looks goofy on me, but I love the way it feels as it fits kinda loosely and doesn't flatten my hair. I love the colors in yours. Does it look good on you?


Mari said...

Well, I guess it looks goofy on me, too! I don't pull it down like it shows in the photo. That was when the hat was being blocked. I wear it on towards the back of my head with the rim rolled up a bit more. I don't look good in hats at all, so I wasn't expecting much! But it's nice to have a hat that matches the scarf!

Andrea said...

Help! Do you have any idea where I can find this pattern? Clickity Sticks doesn't seem to exist any more. I've looked everywhere for a pattern like this for my Noro!

andielib at yahoo dot com

Mari said...

Andrea, I've emailed you the pattern.

Leslie said...

I've come across this pattern also and can not seem to find it. Would you please be so kind as to send it to me also? I would appreciate it! Thank you. :)

pink.bubble.girl AT gmail DOT com