Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baltic Sea stole - Complete!

Finally!! The Baltic Sea stole is fini! This project taught me a lesson about lace-weight yarn and that I can't turn out one of these shawls in a week or two! It took about 6 weeks to complete, but that was off-and-on knitting. There were days on end that I didn't touch it. As I mentioned in the WIP post, I used Rowan's Rowanspun 4 ply wool and used 8 of the 10 skeins I purchased, so that was about 1300 yards of yarn. The finished size is 22 inches wide and 72 inches long. This pattern was fairly simple once I had it memorised, but it was the first time I needed to worry about shaping on the right and wrong sides. I'd make this shawl again, but I'd not use such dark yarn and I'd consider a sport weight yarn, but that would just be to make quicker.