Friday, February 10, 2006

Lacy Diamonds scarf - complete!

I had hoped this scarf would hold me over until the Knitting Olympics, but I finished it in just 2 days. The pattern, which is Lacy Diamonds from Oddball Knitting said I'd need about 410 yards of yarn; the sample used 5 skeins of worsted weight cotton. I had 3 skeins of Noro Kuryeon and thought I'd need another. worked up with only 2 full skeins. The finished size is 6" x 66" and I used a size 9 needle. And now I have an "oddball" skein! I found a pattern for a rolled-brim hat that uses 1 skein or Kuryeon, so that will make a nice accompaniment to this scarf.

Notice how the stripes match up?? That was somewhat by accident. I found that the second skein started just the same way as the first, so I rewound that skein and started knitting with the colours in reverse order. Luckily, I ended up with an exact match from one end of the scarf to the other. Whilst there was some effort put into get that to work, I think it was just luck that it worked so well!

On to the Olympics!


me said...

Luvin' your scarf & u know that I think a girl needs at least a matching hat to go with scarf & shawls! I'm up for a bit & will be an olympic report when u get a chance, please...any photos as of yet?! All remains about the same around here. have fun knitting for USA (lol and me!!)

Monica Silva said...

HI Mari,
I like Noro yarn and the scarf looks very nice. The rainbow colors can match with almost any outfit. Did you keep it for yourself?