Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Basketweave lap throw completed!

This is my basketweave lap throw that I made for the local cancer centre. I used a nice deep blue/teal heather Encore yarn. It took 5 full skeins, knitted on size 11 needles. This is such a simple pattern, but so nice! It measures 42" x 50", just right for a lap throw. It washes and dries beautifully, so it will be just right for a gentleman undergoing cancer treatment. I've got 5 more skeins, so I'll make up another one! This took about 8 days to complete (OK, so I knit faster than I thought I did!).


Shel said...

That looks very nice. Looks great.

Shel fromKR

Marianne Kaplan said...

Do you have a pattern for a basketweave throw? I'd be happy to pay you for it. I love the dark blue one you did.

Mari said...

Marianne, this pattern is my own. Feel free to email me at maribelaprn at comcast dot net (forgive the spelling out, but it's necessary to avoid lots of spam!!) and I'll pass it along to you.