Friday, September 16, 2005

Leaf Lace shawl #2 complete!

Another Leaf Lace shawl complete! And again, this is for the local cancer centre, where it will be given to someone undergoing cancer treatment. It took a full week to complete on a size 8 Addi Turbo 32" circular needle. The yarn is Dalegarn (Dale of Norway) Falk. It washed and blocked beatifully. This shawl is wonderful in sport-weight yarn. I used a just about 10 skeins, which was about 1000 yards, to make a large shawl.

I'm getting "shawl burnout"...time to make another lap throw!


Amy Boogie said...

Beautiful Shawl and I love the color.

knit-a-bit said...

Your leaf lace shawl is so beautiful! You inspired me to purchase the pattern. I'd like to know where you got your yarn from. Did you order on-line or did you purchase it at your local yarn shop?

Mari said...

Hi knit-a-bit! I purchased the yarn at my local yarn shop, but there are online sellers, like, that also sell it. Dale of Norway is a pretty popular yarn and it's easy to find online. I will use this yarn again for another shawl. It worked up so's nice and soft, too!


knit-a-bit said...

Thanks a bunch!

The information you've shared is very helpful. You have a very appealing site. I really love your photos. I'll be visiting your site regularly.

me said...

as I look at your leaf lace, I may do my leaf lace in pink & do the basket shawl in yet another color...decisions, decisions...1st we have to decide when I can knit again...LOL