Saturday, December 10, 2005

WIP - Nashua Knitworks Wrap

This is the "Wrap" from Nashua Knitworks. It's a wonderful new range of yarns from Westminster Fibers (who also distribute Rowan and Jaeger yarns). The colour is called Delft and it's a blend of 75% wool and 25% alpaca. I'm using a size 6 32" Addi Turbo circular needle; this photo shows the wrap pattern with 5 completed repeats. Best thing, this pattern is reversible...I can't tell the front side from the reverse side! It's supposed to use 5 skeins, each with 200 metres (220 yards), so I've got lots more knitting to do! This shawl, quite selfishly, will be for me (no bets as to whether I decide to give it away once it's done!).


Cindy said...

Mari- Your shawls are beautiful!It keeps me inspired to get working on the lace shawls on my "want to do" list.

Mari said...

Thanks, Cindy! I love making worries about whether it will fit!

If you're a beginner at lace shawls, the Cozy from is an excellent one to start with because it's rectanglular. The Leaf Lace shawl from Fiber Trends is a great one for a shawl that "grows"'s easy to work and the pattern isn't complicated.

Get knitting!!!