Monday, November 07, 2005

Victoria Lace Shawl - Complete!

Another beautiful shawl designed by Kristine Franklin of St. Seraphina Knits! This one is her Victoria Lace Shawl and it was so simple to make. The pattern is easy to remember so you don't have to keep track of what row you're on or where you are in the repeat. I'll make this one again! It's made in OnLine Marly, a superwash DK merino wool in Baffin Blue. This yarn is sold out on, which is sad because I love it!

This shawl took 10 50-gram skeins of DK weight and the final measurements were 23" wide and 74" long (the pattern calls for 23" by 66"; I prefer it to be longer). I used a size 7 32" Addi Turbo circular needle. I probably could have used a size 8 needle, but once blocked, I think the gauge is just right.

Like the other shawls I've done, this one was given to the local cancer centre. On to the next!


Kimberly said...

Very pretty pattern. Reminds me a lot of fan and feather.

Quite kind of you to donate it.

whatever said...

You are such a sweetheart, donating all of your beautiful shawls!! They are all gorgeous! I think I may put this one on my list, I have Cozy & th #15 Vogue on my list now for after Christmas knitting...I may have to change one to before Christmas knitting! All of your work is STUNNING!

Mari said...

Thanks, ladies! It's such a simple pattern, very easy to remember, which makes it portable! I'll make this one again for sure!

Eleanor said...

Hi there.

Wonderful work! My God. I am obsessed with this particular shawl. Do you know where I can find the pattern? I went to your link, but to no avail. Thanks!