Friday, July 15, 2005

Zig Zag lace throw WIP

This is the zig-zag lace throw I've got on the needles. I'm using Pakucho organic cotton in vanilla and a 29" size 10 Addi circular needle. This pattern is from the Springtime Throws
booklet from Annie's Attic. It's a nice booklet and I'll be making all of the patterns in there.

Right now, it's knitting up very loosely, just slightly larger than gauge, but I know it will shrink up when it goes thru the washer and dryer.

As for the yarn, I'm finding that it's twisting up on me to the point of aggravation, but it could be due to the way I swifted and wound it. I'll try some other techniques to see if it gets better. Right now, I'm at 16 repeats and it's 20" long. I'm going for 60" long to allow for 20% shrinkage. I hope to make some serious progress this weekend!

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