Saturday, August 18, 2007

Meanwhile, back at my knitting...

After setting aside the Cocoon Lace Wrap (see July 6), I was able to complete several projects for the local cancer centre, some of which I've posted here. The green close-up is another Cozy wrap from This one is done in Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in an emerald green colour. I used ten 50-gram balls and a size 8 needle. I think I could work this pattern in my sleep!

The turquoise blue shawl is the Gothic Leaf Stole from Sivia Harding. It's a gorgeous pattern! I used a sport weight superwash wool from Lana Grossa and a size 6 needle. The pattern is worked in two halves and is intended to be grafted together using Kitchner. Those who know me know that I cannot Kitchner to save my life and my effort at doing so was a dismal failure. I think it's because I work left to right and the stitches come out twisted. I worked a few rows of garter stitch and used a three needle bind off and it came out very nicely. I'll keep working on that Kitchner.

The blue throw is another Heritage blanket from Oat of my favourites. I used 6 100-gram skeins of Plymouth Encore and a size 8 needle to make a nicely sized throw.

In my spare time (?), I also made a couple pairs of to come later!

On the needles now is the
Interlude Lace Wrap from Classic Elite. Check out the CEY Knitalong for progress!


Sherilan said...

Mari, I always look forward to your updates - love to see what your newest projects are. I like that Heritage blanket in blue. Thanks for sharing.

Diana said...

I'm always amazed when I check your blog!!! And now socks galore!!
Want to ask your opinion of a yarn for the Sampler Shawl the from Folk Shawls book. Something in the ecru's, tweedy maybe, soft, etc? It's on my 'to knit list' with others but you're the expert!!!

Mari said...

Thanks, Diana! I'll email this as well, but I think the Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 ply would be an excellent choice for the Sampler shawl. It's lovely yarn and is quite soft. The colours are gorgeous and it's not terribly expensive. Good luck with it!

Marilyn said...

gorgeous shawls--love the blues and greens. Happy Knitting....

Hilary said...

You have knit so many Cozy shawls, about how long do yours turn out? I am making one for my great-aunt out of Cascade 220 and after three skeins I am at about 45" which *seems* long enough -- she is a tiny 90-year-old ... but the pattern calls for another 20 inches. It looks from your yardage like you made the full length ... do I not have the right concept of how long/large a shawl should be? Do you make them to cross over and then some in front? I don't want to make it overwhelmingly long! You must have made more shawls than anyone, so I thought I'd get your input.

THank you!