Sunday, March 25, 2007

Waving Lace socks WIP

I'm making the Waving Lace socks from Favorite Socks, published by Interweave. These socks are featured on the cover of the book and are designed by Evelyn A. Clark, my favourite designer! I'm using Panda Cotton yarn from Crystal Palace for the first time. Everything you've heard about this yarn splitting is true, but I still like it very much. Here are the WIP photos. This shows the lace edging and 2.5 repeats (50 rows). What worries me more about this yarn is the rather short yardage. It's only 170 yards and after reviewing all the free patterns for this yarn on (Crystal Palace's web site), I think I should have purchased 3 balls instead of 2. I just frogged a sock made with Claudia yarn because I didn't have enough, so I'll make the cuff of this sock end right were it is (5.5 inches) and start the heel flap now.

I'm using a size 2 40" Addi Turbo needle (Magic Loop).

I'm not sure that I mind the splitting all that much. I rather like the texture it gives the sock, which I tried to show in these rather poor photos.


Sherilan said...

Mari, I like these socks. It's always good to see someone make up the patterns. I don't have that book yet, but Evelyn Clark is one of my favorites too. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

What a lovely pair of socks, I love, love the st pattern!

claudia said...

Hi Mari. Lovely kntting. I'm a pretty prolific knitter myself - but have recently developed pain in my right index finger. I believe it is caused by keeping my yarn tension with that finger. I found a post where you recommened the knit-croq tension keeper. I wonder how that gizmo works with socks and lace? Thanks. Claudia

Claudia said...

PS my email is if you wouldn't mind sending me an email on that topic. Many thanks. BTW - I am a huge Austin fan myself - might have to check out the Pemberly shawl.