Sunday, April 10, 2005

Baby sweaters!

These are the "twin" baby sweaters I made for two of the women with whom I work. They have the same patterns, except for the necklines. They are from a Peter Pan pattern that I got in England many years ago. I love the Aran style and they worked up pretty quickly in the baby size! I used Plymouth Dreambaby in pink (the collared cardi) and lavender (the v-neck cardi). The sleeves and back are also fully patterned, so these were lots of work, but worth the effort!


HomeJewel said...

These sweaters are adorable! I, too, adore Aran sweaters and on babies - it just couldn't be cuter! Great job!

Mari said...

Thanks!! I've seen both babies in their new sweaters and they look adorable! I'm glad I held on to those patterns for decades. They are terrific!