Friday, August 11, 2006

WIP - Rectanglular Cover Shawl

It's the shawl that will never end...Knit Picks' Rectangular Cover shawl. I suppose it got that rather silly name because it was featured on the back cover of a recent catalogue. Meanwhile, back at my knitting, I started this about a month ago and it's just half finished. Granted I've not been working hard at it as my work schedule has been extremely busy, but when I think of what I could have completed in that time, it drives me bonkers! I'm using Knit Picks Shadow in Lost Lake. The shawl takes 4 hanks of yarn and at $2.29 a hank, that's a bargain. The yarn is quite nice and the colour is just as it appears on their web site. I started hank #2 last Sunday, so it's taking me about 2 weeks to knit up a full hank, which means another month on this shawl...which is too long! I may need to set it aside and get some other projects done for the semi-instant gratification I seek!